Pee Dee Electric Coop (Darlington, South Carolina, U.S.) is implementing Aclara's Meter Data Management System (MDMS) and ENERGYprism customer-engagement software to meet growing consumer interest in household energy management.

Aclara's solution will simplify the process of accessing billing and usage information. Previously, the coop's members had to log onto two different websites to access less information and functionality than what is available through the ENERGYprism solution. The software will help consumers understand monthly changes in bills, reducing the need for members to contact service representative (CSRs). Consumers also will have access to information about how their usage compares with that of peers, where energy dollars are spent in the home and more. Plus, CSRs will have the same detailed information consumers see.

On the MDMS side of the equation, interval data and load profiles will be available to the utility, allowing it to manage distribution of electricity better.

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