Advanced Control Systems, Inc. has recently been awarded a contract by the city of Glendale, California, to deliver its PRISM SCADA system to Glendale Water & Power (GWP), the city’s municipal utility.

The new system will provide Glendale with a highly available, open-architecture solution based on ACS’ flexible PRISM platform. ACS will also deliver a state-of-the-art dispatcher training simulator and 16 Connex 30 substation controllers as part of the system. Glendale Water & Power plans to increase reliability and functionality to meet the demands of its 32,500 water customers and 83,300 electric customers. The system will include seamless integration of the metering system into SCADA and will serve both the water and electric systems, which had previously been managed with systems from two different vendors.

The training simulator will enable Glendale to provide a realistic, hands-on training environment for new and existing Power Dispatchers, including catastrophic event training and analysis based on data from actual event sequences, as well as simulated hypothetical events.