Siemens Energy has completed the installation of its Spectrum Power 3 SCADA/EMS system for Arizona Public Service (APS), Arizona’s largest and longest-serving electric utility. This project established a partnership whereby APS co-developed certain required functionality with Siemens. The new system was commissioned in November 2008.

By engaging in a true partnership with Siemens, APS implemented an overall SCADA/EMS technology refresh, which provides existing functionality as well as introduces the benefits of advanced transmission network applications and an operator training simulator.

“APS had three primary objectives when beginning this SCADA/EMS project,” said Tom Glock, APS Director of Transmission and Distribution Operations. “The first was to become a member of a large user and support EMS organization. The second was to obtain state estimation and contingency analysis functionality. And, lastly, we wanted to provide our transmission operations staff with a training simulator. APS has successfully met all three objectives.”

The latest generation of the Spectrum Power 3 SCADA/EMS includes data acquisition and control, a historical information system, energy accounting, power applications, ICCP, transmission network applications and an operator training simulator.