Everyone who handles pesticides must understand and abide by federal, state and local regulations to ensure the safety of themselves and those around application sites. To learn more about pesticide regulations, take this 15-minute, self-directed training module available as part of the DuPont Crop Protection Land Management Stewardship Learning Series.

The Understanding Pesticide Regulations and Record Keeping Best Practices Training Module describes:

  • Legislation governing the storage, transportation and use of pesticides
  • The importance of application record keeping
  • Key industry and professional associations serving as resources for pesticide applicators

DuPont  Understanding Pesticide Regulations and Record Keeping

Product stewardship is an integrated business process for identifying, managing and reducing risks to safety, health and the environment through all stages of a product’s life. DuPont understands that training is an important component of stewardship and practicing good stewardship is in the best interests of everyone.

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