Alstom Grid has been awarded a three-year electrical substation services contract, worth more than 3 million euros, with TransnetBW in Germany, covering planned and unplanned maintenance and emergency repair on all of its high-voltage assets. The scope of the contract includes power transformers, circuit breakers, disconnectors, gas-insulated switchgear, instrument transformers, ac/dc auxiliary supply and thermographic measurement.

TransnetBW has a large base of electrical substations across south Germany's Baden-Württemberg region, all designed and installed by different manufacturers. With this contract, Alstom Grid will step in as servicing expert, seamlessly taking on all maintenance responsibilities. Alstom will assure technical expertise on its own products as well as the 80% of non-Alstom equipment installed in the substations.

Under the contract, Alstom also could supply TransnetBW with renovation and modernization projects as needed.