American Superconductor Corp. (AMSC) has received an initial order for 17 wind turbine electrical control systems from Inox Wind Limited (IWL), part of India's Inox group of companies. The electrical control systems will be deployed in 2-MW doubly fed induction wind turbines licensed from AMSC's wholly owned AMSC Windtec subsidiary under a contract announced in May 2009. The license provides Inox with the right to manufacture and sell the wind turbines globally. Inox recently erected and commissioned its first 2-MW wind turbine and has already begun volume production.

“India has tremendous power demands and serious carbon emission and pollution issues, all of which are now being addressed through the deployment of renewable energy technologies, particularly wind turbines, that produce substantial amounts of electricity with zero emissions,” said Devansh Jain, director of IWL. “We intend to be a market leader in the high-growth wind power market in India and to eventually become an exporter of wind turbines to other parts of the world. With our first wind turbine now commissioned and our manufacturing plants operational, we are on track to begin full-scale production later this year.”

AMSC's wind turbine power electronics and control systems include the company's proprietary PowerModule power converters, pitch and yaw converters, supervisory control and data acquisition systems, and integrated control systems.

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