New Athens Generating Company, working with the cooperation of Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc., has announced a plan for capacitors to be installed at a Con Edison substation in Westchester County, New York. The capacitors are part of a program to enhance the deliveries of power over the electrical system from the generating stations in the Albany area to New York City. NAGC and upstate utility National Grid have also worked cooperatively to install new relay equipment in conjunction with this overall project.

"These electrical system upgrades will ensure diversified reliable power in New York that benefits both consumers throughout New York and the power stations in the Capital Region," said Ned Kleinschmidt -- chief executive officer of NAGC and MACH Gen LLC, a privately held company with over 3600 MW of gas-fired generation throughout the United States. NACG, a subsidiary of MACH Gen, owns a 1080 MW state of the art gas fired power station in Athens, New York that has been operational since 2004. The facility is managed by Competitive Power Ventures, Inc. and operated by North American Energy Services.

Typically, during hot summer days when power is needed most, the Capital Region generating stations are curtailed since congestion on the system reduces the amount of energy transfers available during critical system operating hours. The announced joint plan will help alleviate these curtailments.

The projects have obtained regulatory approval with the New York Independent System Operator-Operating Committee "NYSIO-OC", and are anticipated to be in service before the summer of 2008.