As part of Duquesne Light's has announced an expansion of its Sewickley substation. Beginning later this year, and culminating in 2009, the work will expand the size of the substation to accommodate two new 138-kV transformers, along with the replacement of much of the older equipment in the substation, which is nearing the end of its useful operating life. After this expansion is complete, a related expansion of the company s 138 kV transmission network will increase reliability and capacity to the more than 6,500 customers in the area.

The substation renovation has a green focus. In addition to recycling much of the wiring and equipment removed from the substation, much of the new equipment being installed uses environmentally friendly oils and materials. Further, installation of the two new transformers will result in a significant noise-level reduction. To help meet current electrical demands, the existing transformers must be cooled by auxiliary fans, especially during the summer months. The new, larger transformers will eliminate the need to run fans except during emergency situations, thereby reducing the noise level.

In 2005, Duquesne Light Company began a multi-year program to invest more than $500 million in the region s electric infrastructure. The company continues today to proactively upgrade aging circuits and equipment, and improve power capacity, in order to maintain the level of service and reliability customers have come to expect.