The Newton-Evans Research Co. has announced its publication of a set of 11 U.S. transformer market two-page summaries. The new series of market overview reports (executive market summaries) includes supplier listings, representative products, and estimated market size for each topic, vendor market share estimates and market outlook through 2014. Electric utilities accounted for about 88% of purchases of small, medium and large power transformers and distribution transformers.

A majority of both power transformers and distribution transformers were produced in the United States. Distribution transformers (wet and dry types) accounted for about 50% of all transformer shipment values in the U.S. market in 2011, in spite of the low level of new residential and small commercial construction. Fewer very large power transformers now are imported, thanks to the U.S. siting of transformer production facilities by several major manufacturers over the past few years.

The Power Transformer series ($975.00) includes U.S. market size, market share estimates and market outlook for these 11 transformer-related product and service categories: TX01 – Mobile Transformers; TX02 – Medium Power Transformers; TX03 – Medium-Large Power Transformers; TX04 – Large Power Transformers; TX05 – Very Large Power Transformers; TX06 – Shunt Reactors; TX07 – Special Transformers (Arc, Furnace); TX08 – Distribution Transformers (OH, Oil, 5kva+); TX09 – Distribution Transformers (Dry Type); TX10 – Transformer Life Management Services; and TX11 – Transformer Monitoring & Diagnostics.

Other topical series currently available include substation automation (13 market segment snapshots) and protective relays (8 market segment snapshots). Upcoming series to be released include medium voltage equipment (20 summaries) and high voltage equipment market summaries (16 summaries. Both of these series are planned for publication later in June, 2012.