The New and Renewable Energy Centre (NaREC; Blyth, Northumberland, U.K.) has secured a three-year testing contract for National Grid substation equipment. The deal coincides with confirmed plans for NaREC to house the U.K.'s High Voltage Reference Measurement Standards.

NaREC hosts the United Kingdom's only commercial high-voltage testing laboratory capable of carrying out comprehensive testing and analysis services for transmission network operators, distribution network operators and manufacturers of electrical power equipment and accessories.

The contract, expected to occupy up to 20% of NaREC's high-voltage testing schedule, will enable National Grid to carry out testing and performance analysis for substation equipment to ensure reliability in operation.

Lisa Pinnington, contract manager at National Grid explains, “This is one of National Grid's key specialist outsourced contracts and will provide high-voltage testing and calibration services for our substation equipment. The contract will enable us to find potential equipment faults before they occur, and to apply real site conditions or over-stress equipment in a safe, controlled and measured environment, playing a vital role in helping us maintain a safe and reliable transmission system.”

NaREC has also commissioned a brand-new calibration laboratory to expand the scope of the high-voltage calibration services offered to meet wider market requirements.