Oncor installed the first S&C IntelliRupter PulseCloser in the United States at a location in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, area. This new, groundbreaking device is part of Oncor's initiative to develop an electric grid that will monitor, think, act, repair and prepare itself to respond quickly to consumer needs.

The IntelliRupter PulseCloser was designed and built by S&C Electric Co. (Chicago, Illinois, U.S.) with utility partner input. It incorporates cutting-edge PulseClosing technology that injects multiple nondisruptive pulses into the line to check for faults before initiating closing. This unique technology eliminates the disruptive effects associated with conventional power restoration, reducing equipment damaging stresses, and extends the life of lines, transformers and circuit breakers.

“The IntelliRupter will communicate with other technology on Oncor's system and coordinate with Oncor's automated power restoration systems,” said Jim Greer, senior vice president, Oncor. “The first IntelliRupter installed at Oncor bears a memorial plate commemorating the work of Doug Staszesky, an engineer and marketing director for S&C who did much of the development. He died before he could see his work put into operation. Oncor is honored to be the utility that installs IntelliRupter No. 1.”

Greer added, “Innovations like the IntelliRupter will help Oncor and other utilities improve their performance and develop increasingly sophisticated methods to minimize the impact of outages and restore power.”

IntelliRupter significantly advances the science of fault testing on overhead lines. It was designed from the ground up to accommodate advanced feeder automation functions such as S&C's IntelliTEAM II Automatic Restoration System, as well as SCADA.