Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operation Co. (KEGOC; Republic of Kazakhstan) has awarded Siemens Power Transmission and Distribution (PTD; Erlangen, Germany) a contract worth Euro 50 million to modernize the control and protection equipment in all of its substations.

Siemens PTD will replace the existing equipment of 67 high- and extra-high-voltage substations in Kazakhstan with state-of-the-art control and protection systems. The scope of performance includes not only the supply of hardware and software, but also engineering, commissioning and training of operating and control room staff.

Siemens will replace all the existing analog solid-state protection devices in the substations with digital systems from its Siprotec product line. Additionally, Siemens' substation automation system, Sicam, will be supplied. Sicam and Siprotec components constitute a uniform solution for control and monitoring of the power transmission and distribution systems. The conventional control panels in the substation control rooms will be replaced by modern display workstations for the operators. The ease of use of the system components, its electromagnetic insensitivity, its long service life, and ability to provide operating and diagnostics data were crucial factors for KEGOC's decision to choose Siemens substation control and protection technology.

KEGOC, Almaty, a state-owned company, runs the national high- and extra-high-voltage network, along with the associated switchgear and substations. The corporate assets include 110- to 1150-kV transmission lines and master substations forming the national power grid that provides interstate flows and power supply from power plants connected to the regional power network companies and major customers. Total length of common transmission lines of the republic amounts to about 338,000 km (210,024 miles).
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