ABB has entered into a license agreement with Radio Control Central Stations Inc. (RCCS) of Boston, Massachusetts, for software solutions related to power quality.

RCCS is reputed in the United States for its Volt-Var Optimization (VVO) solutions, which include complex software algorithms to help utilities improve power quality and voltage fluctuations within the electric grid, in real-time. It enables utility planning, engineering, operations and maintenance functions to monitor and interact with automated capacitor switching systems through centralized control, allowing the grid to operate closer to its theoretical limits. Smart grid optimization offers significant growth opportunities in this area.

ABB will combine its capacitor products and advanced capacitor switching technology with RCCS’ software to offer complete power quality solutions to utility customers, enabling them to deploy optimized power factor and power quality solutions, while at the same time increasing the utilization of the existing distribution automation infrastructure. These solutions will also help improve energy efficiency by reducing line losses and enhancing the network's capability to carry more power.