Cooper Power Systems has announced a new contract with American Electric Power to deliver new SMP 16 Substation Gateways and SMP I/O Remote Terminal Units for its next generation of substation automation projects.

The Cooper Power Systems SMP 16 Substation Gateway is the data concentrator on the market, providing utilities with secure and reliable data acquisition and management, and featuring essential communication and data concentration for substation automation and integration applications.

The Cooper Power Systems SMP I/O RTU is a scalable distributed I/O module perfectly adapted to substation automation requirements. It is truly substation-grade, field-upgradable and scalable, and integrates seamlessly with the SMP 16 to reduce required configuration effort and time.

Over the next 10 years, AEP plans to install, each year, more than 200 SMP 16 gateways and up to 400 SMP I/O RTUs, in order to update its substation communication infrastructure, and to replace older RTU equipment with current technology.