In continuing to provide the protective relay market with the newest innovations for replacement units, Basler Electric is offering a microprocessor-based BE1-50/51B-230 as an exact plug and play replacement for the obsolete General Electric 12IAC66K relay.

Application Note PC-IAC66K details how the BE1-50/51B-230 replaces electro-mechanical overcurrent motor protection relay type IAC66K with no wiring changes. A companion document, Application Note PC-5051B, details a project using BE1-50/51B plug-and-play relays to replace aging electromechanical IAC- and CO-type relays.

In addition, David Beach’s technical paper, Arc Flash Mitigation Through Use of Voltage-Controlled/Voltage-Restrained Overcurrent Elements, presented at the Western Protective Relaying Conference is available on the web site. This paper investigates the use of voltage controlled/voltage restrained overcurrent elements as an arc flash mitigation technique when applied to certain industrial circuits.