The oscillating wave test system from HDW Electric can be used to identify, evaluate, and locate partial discharge (PD) faults in a cable insulation and in joints and terminations. The system can be used for all types of medium-voltage cables. Detailed information of the operational reliability of a cable system can be determined.

The test system can be installed either in a cable test van in combination with a modem, centrally controlled cable test and fault location system (e. g. compact PD in a 3.5 t vehicle), or can be used as a stand-alone unit.

It features:

· PD diagnosis under oscillating wave test voltage - electrical field distribution as in nominal service conditions.
· PD evaluation possibility and pattern recognition at nominal voltage level.
· Modern industrial PC for system control and user interface.
· PD level measurement according to IEC 270 at a bandwidth of 150 to 650 kHz.
· Semi and fully automatic PD analyzing software for defect location with mapping feature.
· Calculation of the cable capacitance and the tan delta value of the test object from the characteristic decrease of the voltage wave shape.
· Simple to use and easy to handle menu-driven unit for operation of the test sequence.
· Compact design; low weight.
· Compact PD: combination of OWTS, VLF test unit and the fault location system.