Qualitrol Co. has announced the availability of the Qualitrol 509DW intelligent transformer monitor with direct winding. The monitor couples with Neoptix fiber optic probes to provide direct hot-spot measurement. This is the first new product resulting from a recent technology agreement between Neoptix, Inc. and Qualitrol.

The Qualitrol 509DW is the first integrated solution to compare direct (actual) winding measurement by optical probes with calculated (theoretical) winding temperature based on predetermined models. By correlating these two different types of temperature measurement, any changes from the trend are easily and automatically highlighted without customer analysis. Any unusual deviation from the trend of the two temperature measurements indicates a potential problem within. Transformers that use just one type of temperature measurement only tell part of the story, thereby risking losses in reliability, safety and asset life.

The Qualitrol 509DW monitoring system is a product resulting from both research and insight gained by both companies world-wide. The system organizes information collected by different temperature monitoring technologies to significantly increase overall knowledge of transformers being monitored. Historically, different types of temperature data were acquired separately but often discarded because there was no easy method for collection and interpretation.

Featuring Neoptix field-proven fiber optic probes, the Qualitrol 509DW is custom configured and is available with all the parts and accessories needed for a complete, successful installation at a manufacturer’s plant.

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