Utility vegetation management (UVM) is a complex adaptive system that requires complex adaptive solutions. Arborcision arms the UVM manager with drillable intelligence, workload identification and operational insight to manage this complexity. Provided as a software-as-a-service management tool, it uses a statistically representative sample collection and proprietary processes to provide clear, accurate intelligence about a UVM program.

Intelligence for the UVM Program of Tomorrow

Arborcision provides a new way of managing UVM programs. Managers will no longer have to base program management on the past state of the system. Now, the future state of the system is on the screen. Clear, measurable tracking of progress, high-risk circuits and budget needs are just a click away:

• Determine the future state of circuits and overall system

• Identify areas at risk of class jumping and their potential costs

• Gain a comprehensive view of major system cost drivers

• Develop proactive plans that use accurate quantitative data

• Evaluate contracting methods and view their financial impact

• Assess work crews on the system for efficiency and value

• Report forecasted savings with the data to justify decisions

• Determine the system’s ESD to show cost benefits

• Software-as-a-service format means no software to load, just log in.

Union Power Cooperative, UVM application software

Built by Industry Leaders

Arborcision was conceptualized and developed by Richard Jackson, CEO and cofounder of Global ThinkTank Institute, LLC and its Arbor Intelligence subsidiary. It emerged from more than 10 years of collaborative work, research and refinement with ACRT Inc., which was aimed at providing powerful solutions for the utility industry from the people who understand it best.