Pete and Buster, raucous brothers who just happened to be in the Line Department at Hinterland Electric Company, had been called out for storm duty following a rare pre-Thanksgiving snow storm.  Pete was sent to the most Eastern district of the company’s service territory and Buster was sent to the most Western district.   

Unfortunately, Hinterland’s remote circuits were not equipped with automatic reclosers and other self-healing features like the more urban parts of the territory. However, damage was minimal and the brothers were soon ready to make the 100 mile trip back to the central district.   About 75 miles of the trip was a relatively straight line on the interstate between the call-out locations.  The last 25 miles was directly south of the interstate.  The brothers decided to make the return a contest.  Who would be furthest from the central district when Pete and Buster met on the interstate?  We know that Pete coming from the East had to travel at 50 mph because he was hauling a trailer and Buster coming from the west could drive the speed limit of 55 mph.

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