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May 09, 2012

Interactive Models

i really like models of equipment and grids stuff. There was a crowd around a model showing all manner of renewable generations and a country side....More
May 09, 2012

Chalk Report #4

This is a fascinating thing to watch taking place right before your eyes. The depth of field this art work is starting to show -....More
May 08, 2012

Talk About High Tech

I just hit the GE exhibit. They have a screen the size of your typical 1950s Drive-In (maybe they are really into the PES Fabulous Fifties Florida....More
May 08, 2012

Thank You Barbara!

In NOLA, I ran afoul with the security folks and was asked to leave the floor. My crime - I had a camera! That is a no no. I had to go to the....More
May 08, 2012

Chalk Report #3

It is really developing. I can almost tell what is going to be in the final....More
May 08, 2012

Something Way Cool!

I was wandering around the show floor when I ran into my buddy Mike Beehler at the Burns....More
May 08, 2012

Spring Spring

What is spring spring? Well, you might ask the folks at HVB and see what they say. It is a very cool application. They also have resistors in their....More
May 08, 2012

Chalk Report #2

The artists are making headway. It is starting to take....More
May 08, 2012

Around the Wolrd

There are manufacturers from around the world here. It is amazing at the numbers of suppliers and the depth of the product they are offering. This....More
May 08, 2012

Cooper's Answer To Trees

I found one of the coolest displays. Cooper has a tree growing into a distribution line. I tried to get a video of this with all the sparks and....More
May 08, 2012

Contest - What is This?

I stopped by the Southern States booth and found the strangest device in the show - so far. What am I showing in this photo. If you don't know, go....More
May 08, 2012

Chalk Art

Earlier I blogged about the art being made at the Expo. The folks at Thomas....More
May 08, 2012

Where Is Everyone?

Well, it looks like I am not the only one running slowly today! This is the quiet before the storm. But I know soon the floor will be hopping to....More
May 08, 2012

Moving Slowly

I'm moving slowly this morning - even in my bright ORANGE shirt. (Tommy wanted to make sure you all would see me) The parties last night were so much....More
May 08, 2012

Back In Miami...

After catching up with the swamp part of the family, we went back to Miami. There was a casino set up and everyone was given money to gamble with. I....More

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