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Apr 23, 2008

SCORE - 2 Fresh Baked Cookies!

I have to report GE does have fresh baked cookies. I got two of them. I also got to see what is behind the special door. GE is cooking up some pretty....More
Apr 23, 2008

Open With Style

I was waiting for my students to arrive when I heard bag pipes that got my attention. Bag pipes always grab my attention. I missed being born on St....More
Apr 23, 2008

Stop and Enjoy the Moment

I got side tracked in my wanderings when I noticed a strange noise coming from the floor below me. I went over to the rail and looked down and what a....More
Apr 23, 2008

Companion Activities

This is Pam - Gene asked me to blog about my companion tour of Chicago's Mansions of Yesteryear. On the bus I found my notebook, but no pen. Seat....More
Apr 22, 2008

Can you limit power flow down a transmission line?

The folks at Trench have been doing so neat things with series coils. They can install one of these on a transmission line and keep the current in....More
Apr 22, 2008

Technology is so much fun

In my latest wanderings, I stopped at the Southern States exhibit. They have some pretty interesting technology on display. Raj Anand calls it....More
Apr 22, 2008

HVDC is Hot

I just got back from the HVDC panel session. My buddy Wayne is making a great presentation. The room is full. When I stood up to answer my phone,....More
Apr 22, 2008

Get Your Hands on the Equipment

I was following my nose taking photos as I went when I ran into Mark Wells at ABB. He set up the exhibit and was really excited about the numbers of....More
Apr 22, 2008

Want to see something cool

Have you ever wanted to see the insides of a transformer? Talk to Vince Paparo at MTC Transformers. His group is going to tear down a trashed core....More
Apr 22, 2008

Students are here

My NMSU students found my hiding place. They are a great bunch of young engineers. We visited a lot of booths and they had tons of questions. S....More
Apr 22, 2008

Geo & Digital Neat

Trevor Kryt of GeoDigital has some pretty neat things on the floor. Imagine being able to fly a transmission line with 6" accuracy. He inputs the....More
Apr 22, 2008

Bio Diesel

Hi campers. There are some pretty intersting things around here today. I met Art Becker, fleet specialist for ComEd. He has a full electrical hybred....More
Apr 22, 2008

"Das Boot" - It's Here

I found it – and so did the other 4,199 folks at the reception. I think everyone went through the U-boat, but the line moved smoothly. I ran into....More
Apr 22, 2008

Music, music, music!

Pam and I followed the sounds coming from the band to the upper floor at the Museum. The place was jumping and it appeared the conference goers were....More
Apr 22, 2008

Tommy and John Are Happy - When Everyone's Happy!

In an earlier posting I said Tommy Mayne was all over the place. Well, I kept running into him tonight at the reception. Tommy checks and double....More

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