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May 08, 2012

Cousin Thing

The swamp side of the family was present tonight. I remember seeing Cousin Thing at family reunions when I was a kid. He hasn't changed a bit in all....More
May 08, 2012

Two Themes For The Price Of One

We had the choice of two parties tonight. Yes, that is correct two parties! We had one focused on the Miami of the 50s and the other one The Swamp....More
May 08, 2012

Party Time!!!!

If there is one thing PES knows how to do and how to do well it is party. I have been a member of this group for over 35 years. Heck - so long I am a....More
May 08, 2012

If You Missed It You'll Get A Second Chance!

I spent a very enjoyable time with the leadership of the PES tonight. PES had a golf tournament last Saturday. It was a super success with over 50....More
May 07, 2012

Some Booths Are Almost Ready

This place is in every stage of construction you can imagine. I have seen some booths this afternoon that are empty, still in crates, and deserted....More
May 07, 2012

Roll Out The Carpet

Right now the floor is concrete, painted, and striped. Some of the booths have carpeting and some don't. This afternoon they started throwing the....More
May 07, 2012

What The Heck Is This

I have seen some pretty strange things at past Expos, but nothing like this. The Orange County Sheriff's department has the coolest rescue vehicle on....More
May 07, 2012

You Will Not Believe This Stuff

There are some gigantic pieces of equipment on the floor here. I can not believe some of the things I have seen and the exhibits are not complete yet....More
May 07, 2012


I ran into my friend Tommy Mayne too. He called me to come pick up my ORANGE volunteer shirts for the show floor. This place is so huge, but I....More
May 07, 2012

Old Friends

As I walked about I saw an old friend working on a booth. I have known Bill Long for a very long time. We talked about it and decided we didn't want....More
May 07, 2012

How To Change A Light Bulb

It is getting close to final assemble and the lights need adjustment. Well, they are forty feet in the air! So, you get a high reach man-lift. It....More
May 07, 2012

Instant Booth

Here sits an exhibit booth. Everything you need to impress the customer has been packed and is ready to assemble. But It is not really instant. There....More
May 07, 2012

Dark, Hot, and Jumping

Today the floor is jumping! The traffic has increased a hundred fold. I never knew you could drive a man-lift soooo fast. Everyone is hitting the....More
May 07, 2012

Quiet Sunday Afternoon At T&D Expo

The expo floor is dark quiet today as technicians assemble the exhibits, but there is a lot of activity. Tomorrow will be busy as more floks invade....More
May 07, 2012

Quiet Before The Storm

It is pretty quiet inside the convention center right now, but it is early. The staff has been working for several days now to get things set up for....More

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Gene Wolf is widely recognized as a technical leader in the electric power industry. Gene is a fellow of the IEEE. He is the former Chairman of the IEEE PES T&D Committee. More on Gene

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The IEEE Blog is a unique tour of the 2012 PES Expo in Orlando, FL, by Gene Wolf, former chairman of the IEEE PES T&D Committee.
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