The Electric Power Research Institute and Southern California Edison designed and implemented a survey to characterize consumers’ perceptions of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and their expectations of their electric utility as a supplier of transportation energy and associated services. The objective was to develop and test a survey instrument and associated analytical methods that could subsequently be used by utilities and other entities to inform local stakeholders about consumers’ perceptions.

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Additionally, EPRI envisions that the combined survey responses will provide a rich source of data to address issues related to preparing electric utilities as they accommodate PHEVs and other types of electric vehicles.

EPRI has been at the forefront in characterizing how PHEVs—and electric vehicles in general— will affect the electricity sector. Much of that research concerns understanding critical features and operating characteristics of the batteries used in electric vehicles. Those factors will influence when and where PHEV owners are likely to recharge their vehicles. Those choices will influence the design and operation of the electricity infrastructure, the cost of recharging, the overall economy, and environmental quality....(Read more...)