The inverter is the critical link between solar and the electric grid. SEPA's new report, "Unlocking Advanced Inverter Functionality," explores the potential for advanced or "smart" inverters to enhance solar value, expand utility-customer services, and offer a business case for utility ownership.

The ever-increasing adoption of distributed solar compels utilities to carefully assess the role of smart inverters as a key technology in a more robust, automated grid. Electric utilities are arguably ideally situated to leverage the capabilities of the smart inverter and pave the way for distributed grid modernization, potentially through utility ownership.

Before smart inverters can become a reality, there are a number of issues that must be explored further. This thought piece lays out the capabilities of smart inverters and discusses how to develop the business case for utility smart inverter ownership, including: 

  • Advanced Inverter Functionalities
  • Correlation to Existing Transmission & Distribution System Assets
  • Rationale for Utility Engagement & Ownership
  • Smart Inverter Ownership Roadmap