While some DERs operated during the summer of 2011, all of the DERs have been running since the 2011-2012 winter, and feedback has been obtained from each of them. Improvement in service reliability, DER regulation and deeper analysis of the platform have been achieved. Lessons learned from PREMIO are now being integrated in wider smart grid demonstration and pilot projects in France. In addition, modeling and simulation of PREMIO gives an indication of the impact of the PREMIO platform on a larger scale by considering several districts.

Carolina Tranchita (tranchita@eifer.org) received a Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Grenoble Institute of Technology in France and a MSE degree from Los Andes University in Colombia. Currently, she is a researcher and project manager at Electricité de France/EIFER and participates in the PREMIO project as technical director. Tranchita’s research interests include smart grids and demand-side management strategies in the planning and operation of power systems and the relationship with cities’ and territories’ development

John J. Simmins (jsimmins@epri.com) is a technical executive for the Electric Power Research Institute. He has bachelor’s and Ph.D. degrees in ceramic science from Alfred University and develops robust system architecture for the EPRIsmart grid demonstration projects. Simmins also brings thought leadership in the area of integrating diverse applications such as advanced meter infrastructure, meter data management systems, distribution management systems, customer information systems, geospatial information systems and outage management systems.