Nebraska's Twin Valleys Public Power District (TVPPD) announces plans to deploy Aclara's TWACS and Demand Response Management System (DRMS) technologies. The integrated solution will provide a single, fully integrated platform for demand response, advanced metering and data collection, and power system management.

“Aclara's DRMS will help us to meet a number of critical goals, including expanding our load control capabilities, managing customer costs and executing demand response requests from wholesale power suppliers far more rapidly,” said James Dietz, general manager, TVPPD.

TVPPD is replacing an outdated, legacy load control system with Aclara's DRMS, unleashing a host of new AMI network-based capabilities. With a reliable, scalable and flexible AMI network in place, the district will support future smart grid applications, and better initiate, manage and terminate load control events through a unified dashboard.