Basler has updated its Time-Current Characteristic Curves spreadsheet tool to include new curves. The spreadsheet can be used to convert existing time dial settings for old induction disk relays to the nearest equivalent time dial setting for a Basler Electric overcurrent relay. It can be downloaded free of charge from

The spreadsheet also allows users to inspect Basler Electric inverse time overcurrent relay time current curves (TCCs), or develop programmable curve constants. It is usable for both Basler classic relays and numerical relays.

Basler Electric inverse time overcurrent relays provide TCCs that closely emulate most of the common e-m induction disk relays that were manufactured in North America. To further improve proper relay coordination, selection of integrated reset or instantaneous reset characteristics also is provided in most Basler Electric relays.

Additional resources are available on the Basler web site – If you need to perform basic complex number calculations, sequence component conversions, and some other basic calculations associated with electric power systems, explore the Electric Calculations Spreadsheet. A tutorial on how Fourier analysis calculations are handled also is available.