S&C Electric Co. has been named one of 10 winners in this year’s Chicago Innovation Awards Competition, for its unique new TripSaver Dropout Recloser. The winners--chosen from 249 nominees from four states--were judged on their success in satisfying unmet needs in the marketplace. They were honored at a ceremony held at the Goodman Theatre in downtown Chicago on Oct. 22.

TripSaver protects overhead lateral circuits on electrical distribution systems. Used in lieu of a more commonly applied fuse cutout, it improves system reliability by eliminating the permanent outage, which results when the cutout responds to a temporary fault.Offered in system voltage class ratings of 15.5 and 27 kV, this self-powered, electronically controlled vacuum recloser can be installed in new or existing cutout mountings. A two-insulator branch-feeder style mounting is also available. TripSaver requires no programming or batteries.