MinMax Technologies and Delta-X Research are integrating their respective SMART (Substation Maintenance & Asset Reliability Tracking) and TOA4 Online software solutions. SMART now receives the most current and accurate assessment of transformer health-based on insulating fluid test results from TOA4 Online.

“Our customers require the most accurate health assessments of their high-voltage apparatus,” stated Nand Singh, CEO and President of MinMax.  “Delta-X’s TOA4 Online is the defacto standard for assisting utilities with the interpretation of the insulating fluid test results, the leading indicator of problems in transformers.  It was a no-brainer that SMART required assessments from TOA4 Online.”

“Our role as suppliers is to help make the complex work of maintaining the electricity network as straightforward as possible” says John Brett, President & CEO of Delta-X.  “MinMax has done a tremendous job helping their customers improve or establish strong inspection and record-keeping systems that enable utilities to remain focused on keeping the lights on while maintaining robust asset documentation.  Our combined solution allows utilities to optimize their maintenance work while meeting or exceeding regulatory reporting requirements.”

With the addition of TOA4 Online’s advanced diagnoses, SMART continues to pave the way to simplifying and enhancing the implementation, record keeping and compliance reporting of core maintenance activities for utilities.  With one simple click, utility customers can activate the TOA4 Online feature.